Saturday, February 16, 2019
Travis Fulton Iron Play – Maintain Swing Plane with Mid Irons

Travis Fulton Iron Play – Maintain Swing Plane with Mid Irons


When it comes to hitting your mid irons, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration. First, the club is getting much longer which means that your swing path is going to be different than your short irons. Next, your losing loft on the club. Combine these two factors and your swing shape begins to change, especially during your first move off the ball. In this Play Better Golf Segment, renowned teaching pro and Callaway Staffer, Travis Futon, gives us some tips on how to maintain your swing plane when hitting mid irons.  


  1. You mentioned swing path would be different from mid irons to short irons (9-lob wedge). What’s the difference in swing path? Please explain.

    • Hi Jon, with a short iron (9-lob), the club shaft is much shorter and there is a lot more loft. The shorter (and more lofted) the club, the closer you are to the ball, the steeper the swing path gets. Mid irons have longer shafts and less loft. The longer the shaft, the further away from the ball you are (and further forward from center the ball is in your stance), the flatter the swing path gets. The key to getting your swing on plane with mid irons, as depicted in this video, is your first move off the ball. Hope this helps!