RSi – Tale of the Tape

 “A lot of people think that pros hit it perfect all the time but we don’t. We mis-hit shots but they still go on the green. We’ve just honed our skills to make our mis-hits a little straighter.” – Jason Day

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RSi is the #1 Iron in Play at the 2015 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

The RSi came out as by far and away the most played iron at this year’s Pro-Am. For the amateurs, this week is their “major” and for them to switch into a new set of irons in the biggest tournament of their golfing year is a testament to RSi’s revolutionary performance. Highlights:

  • RSi is the #1 iron family used by amateurs, with 51 sets in play
  • RSi 2 is the #1 iron model used by amateurs, with 27 in play (To put this in perspective, the #2 brand had a total of 25 sets between all of their models!)
  • 55% of amateurs this year are using a TaylorMade iron


This year, in partnership with the tournament, they debuted the TaylorMade Flight Deck. The new structure is placed around the 3rd, 4th and 17th holes allowing patrons unsurpassed views of the beautiful Pebble Beach Golf Links. From the TaylorMade Flight Deck you can watch 3 holes simultaneously, marking the only place on the golf course where you can see this much golf. They are running a giveaway on the Flight Deck all week where if any amateur playing RSi irons hits the green, we’re giving away a sleeve of Project (a) Balls to anyone standing on the Flight Deck. If an amateur should get a hole-in-one, everyone on the Flight Deck will win a set of RSi irons!

Check out the photos below and look for the Flight Deck during coverage this week.



In addition they have a special feature about their swing robot on the 17th hole at Pebble Beach showcasing how Face Slot Technology works. Look out for this on CBS.


Golf Mart Seaside NCGA​ Member Appreciation Event and DEMO Days


Golf Mart Seaside (Northern California):: NCGA​ Member Appreciation Event and Titleist/TaylorMade Demo Days!

NCGA member appreciation event: February 13th, 4pm – 6pm. Enjoy in-store discounts, giveaways, and FREE raffles!!  Sign up or renew your NCGA membership today with NCGA representatives! PGA Pro Katherine Mirren on-hand with her SAM putting camera for the FREE 5 minute analysis.

Titleist Fitting Day: February 13th, 12pm – 5pm
TaylorMade Fitting Day: February 14th, 12pm – 5pm

Slot Machine – TaylorMade’s New Face Slot Technology

TaylorMade’s new Face Slot Technology pays off in a big way.

TaylorMade Golf didn’t become one of the world’s top-selling golf equipment designers and manufacturers by resting on its laurels and living in the past. That’s why the Carlsbad-based company has released a new line of irons, the RSi, incorporating high-tech wizardry and top-notch playability. “The new RSi 1 and RSi 2 models, along with the RSi TP that will be available on Jan. 15th,  take face technology to the next level”, according to TaylorMade sales representative Shawn McCaskey.

“The new Face Slot Technology allows golfers to hit it anywhere on the club face and they will get maximum ball speed, launch angles and forgiveness,” McCaskey said. Each model is designed for different players. The RSi 1 for mid-to-higher handicappers, the RSi 2 for mid-to low handicappers, and the TP line for the elite player. The Face Slot Technology found in the club’s heel and toe is indeed the most distinctive feature of all three clubs; it builds on the speed pocket, or slots, that were inserted onto the soles of TaylorMade’s irons two years ago. This improved the ball speed on shots struck low on the face. The face slot provides a similar benefit, increased ball speeds on heel and toe hits. Ball speed, of course, translates into more distance. “No matter what model you play, in my opinion these are the most forgiving, longest and straightest clubs on the market,” McCaskey said.

WATCH how TaylorMade’s new Face Slot Technology is changing the face of the game.

Vapor Family

Nike’s new line of Vapor irons get a big boost with input from Tiger and Rory

Few major golf manufacturers had such an interesting route to prominence than Nike Golf. For 30 years, Nike was known for one thing: it made shoes, focusing heavily on high performance athletic footwear. It began producing golf shoes in 1986, but didn’t leap into the golf equipment market until 2000, helped in no small part by signing Tiger Woods to an exclusive deal. Since that time, the company’s balls and clubs have helped it become a major player in the golf industry and its latest line of Vapor irons is the most recent example of the company’s dedication to high performance and technological innovation. With blessings from both Woods and the world’s current No. 1 player, Rory Mcilroy, the Vapor iron’s replace Nike’s Covert line. Lighter in weight, with a center of gravity moved to the center of the club face, Vapor has a much thinner face than its predecessor, resulting in Nike’s most precise, longest and most forgiving iron to date.

“The lightweight design helps golfers generate more club speed, the ultra-thin, ultra-fast face creates faster ball speeds, and moving the center of gravity to the center of the face makes the club more stable,” said Rowdy Bank, General Manager of The Golf Mart in San Diego. The three models — Vapor Speed, Vapor Pro Combo, and Vapor Pro are each built for golfers at different stages of their game. Both McIlroy and Woods had input in the design process, but it was the research and development team at Nike Golf that figured how to implement the ideas. “My favorite feature of these clubs is the Vapor’s clean aesthetics, which is a departure from the Covert line,” Bank said. “They feel great, as well.”


Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to tout Nike’s new Vapor irons and that’s when the fun began.