Exclusive – Podcast #236 – Jason Seeman, Bushnell Golf


The Father’s Day Gift of Choice from Worldwide Golf is a Bushnell Distance Finding Device

Bushnell Pro X2 Laser Rengefinder
Bushnell Pro X2 Laser Rengefinder

If you’re looking for that Father’s Day gift for that special golfing dad on your list, look no further than a distance finding device from Bushnell.

The new laser rangefinders that they have for 2017 are better than ever.

And the new Bushnell Excel Golf GPS Watch is nothing short of incredible.

And with the deals that are now available, there’s never been a better time to buy.

National Sales Manager Jason Seeman was kind enough to join us on our GolfBetter Podcast to discuss this and more.  You can listen below on our Soundcloud link, on our website or you can subscribe to the free GolfBetter Podcast on iTunes.

Take a listen, then take a browse on our website to shop for that special golfer on your list.

Tom Brassell: Welcome to GolfBetter at Worldwide Golf Shops. Episode 236. Hello everyone. Tom Brassell here. Thank so much for joining us. If you’re a first time listener, long time subscriber, or maybe somewhere in the middle. You fit in there somehow. Either way, it doesn’t matter. We’re just glad you joined us.

June is on us, and that means Father’s Day is right around the corner. Who better to join us than our good friend from the Father’s Day Gift of Choice? That’s Bushnell … The director of sales Mr. Jason Seeman. Jason, thanks so much for joining us. Great to have you.

Jason Seeman:   Great. Thanks, Tom, for having me on.

Tom Brassell: Before we get into Bushnell the Gift of Choice for Father’s Day, Jason, big news out from the PGA tour several months ago about testing distance finder devices, albeit on web.com tour, but this is a big step. Can you share with us some of the talk that’s going around about that?

Jason Seeman: Yeah, it’s been news for us, obviously, with the PGA tour conducting some tests to see if lasers do speed up play on the tour, and speed of play has been a big issue in the game of golf, especially on the PGA tour. Back in 2006, when the local rule was passed that you could use lasers for tournament play, a lot of the state golf associations allowed it right away and then quickly, probably within a year, the NCA, basically all the divisions, allowed lasers. I think initially coaches on the college level were concerned it might slow down play but I think they absolutely know that it does speed up play.

As far as the PGA tour, one of the things they … They use is our slope technology out there, so when they’re looking at that yardage book not only do they have the distance to the flag but they also have the play as distance. They’ve used our slope technology. It was developed with a caddy out on the tour to make sure it’s extremely accurate yardage that you’re getting, whether you’re shooting uphill or downhill, and it adjusts. That’s one of the issues is, is that the tour’s going to allow them to use lasers, but not allow slope.

The players are still going to use their yardage books because they absolutely rely, and, in a sense, live and die with that slope technology, but the times I think you’ll really see the players use the laser out on tours … One, they hit one off line. A lot of times you’ll see … I remember, a number one at a gust, that Tiger had hit it on number nine, and it would take 10 minutes for them to march the distances off to try to figure out what that is, where now, they can grab the laser, they can shoot the lip of the bunk, or they can shoot the flag, and hit the shot.

I think that’s where you’ll really see a big difference in speeding up play.

Tom Brassell: Yeah, they’re testing it at, I believe, it’s three web.com tours events this year. I’ll just tell you, from my own eyes and perspective, I was at the player’s championship Thursday and Friday this year with my wife. We were sitting on 17 tee and Phil came through with Hideki, and I’m trying to think who else was in the group, and the tees were back on 17. The caddies immediately go to the front of the tee box, march it off to the back. They’re thinking about it, and by the time Phil gets up there, he’s not concerned that they do it again.

Jason, they’re looking at … They were at a five hour round at that point, five hour plus. You can’t tell me that that’s not going to speed up play, shooting that pin, checking the wind and knowing exactly how far they have. They’re on 17 at TPC Sawgrass.

Jason Seeman: Absolutely. I think that’s a perfect example of where they … There isn’t really slope on that shot, because it’s a pretty straight line shot, but exactly. If they can shoot the front of the railroad ties there in front of the green … Shoot the flag and hit the shot, and not spend all this time marching distances off, and things like that.

I know … I still play some competitive golf, and if I ever play with someone that doesn’t have a laser, I feel like I almost have an advantage over them, that they’re going to rely on a sprinkler head and marching distances off, versus grabbing a laser, shooting the distance, getting an exact number and hitting it.

Tom Brassell:  For the second year in a row, Bushnell is the Gift of Choice for Father’s Day from Worldwide Golf Shops. That includes Edwin Watts Golf, Roger Dunn, Van’s, Golfer’s Warehouse, and The Golf Mart. Tell us what’s new this year with Bushnell, because it continues to just get better and better, the products that you guys bring to market.

Jason Seeman: I think, this year we have two new lasers that we really have received … Been extremely well-received in terms of in the golf market, and they both feature slope shift technology, and it’s something that … Like I had spoken to earlier, slope is so important on the PGA tour, and I think, like anything, we’re trying to give the average every day golfer the same tools, in a sense, that the PGA tour players have. What’s nice, now, is that our slop switch technology, you can actually switch it from a tournament legal product, to slope, if you’re doing a practice run, and then when you go play in a tournament you can switch it right back, just with the flip of a button.

We’ve got a Pro X2, which is our top of the line unit, that has that technology, and then also the Tour B4 Shift, which has that technology, as well. We have those two lasers, and then we also have a new watch that I’ve really been excited about it. It’s called our Excel watch, and that watch, actually … What’s so great about it, is it actually pairs with a Bushnell golf app, and the Bushnell golf app will give you … If you’re playing a course you’ve never played and you want to know, what’s the difference to the end of the dog leg, or is there a hazard up there that I can’t see, the Bushnell golf app will give you full color images of the hole. It’ll also give you fliers of the hole. You can take the cursor and put it to any distance you want, so not only do you have the convenience of GPS, where you have the front, center and back, and then the four distances per hole to hazards, but with the app …

When you buy the Excel watch, you get that for free, and you can use that to really get a layout of the hole, especially when it’s a course that you don’t play every day.

Tom Brassell: You’re getting that layout and the flyover on the app on your smart phone, and then also you’re getting the convenience of the watch, right?

Jason Seeman: Absolutely. You can use them together, you can use them separately, and it’s free with purchase of the Excel watch. It’s really been … It’s been really well-received, and I think we’re excited about that product, for sure.

Tom Brassell: I think we don’t talk enough about the watch. I have the watch. It’s so fantastic, and I think for the average player … I’m not talking about your single digit handicap player, but your average player … I think it’s been proven than that if you play in a tournament or a round of golf, and there’s no pins on the green, you don’t see where it is, you’re hitting to the middle of the green, that watch is so valuable because you know you’re going to play better if you just try … Just hit the green first, correct?

Jason Seeman:  Absolutely, and I think that’s one thing we talk about on here is, we never try to make products just for specific handicaps. I think with this new Excel watch, I think it’s a product, whether you’re a single digit to a 20 to 30 handicap golfer … I think everyone can benefit from it, not only because you have the front and center back, like you said, and hitting to the center of the green is going to give you, probably, your best odds of making the best score in that hole, but I think, also, the better players can also really take advantage of the app, from not only using the watch to get the front and center of the green, but you can use that app and figure out exactly where you want to land a drive.

I’m always going to be, and I think most golfers are … They love the convenience of a laser because you can go to any course in the world and shoot the flag and get that exact distance, but pairing it with our new Excel watch, I think there’s a lot of golfers that are seeing the benefits of that.

Tom Brassell:   Jason, correct to assume that the watch still has the capability of measuring the number of steps you’re taking during a particular time, as well, so you’ve got that fitness app in there, as well, and then, also, the alarm feature?

Jason Seeman:Yeah, absolutely. This watch, and then pairing it with the app, has a ton of features. You’ve got the pedometer, so you can count your steps. It’s got a fitness feature on it. It actually has weather. It has Bluetooth, so if you don’t want to use, necessarily, the images of the hole, you can still get text messages, emails, phone calls, or whatever, on that watch. It’s fully loaded and it’s a heck of a value, for sure.

Tom Brassell: If you’ve got that Father’s Day father you’re buying for, and they already have the laser range finder, I think the watch is a perfect gift to add, because you could certainly use both.

Jason Seeman:No, absolutely. Like I said, I think that’s what’s so great about this new Excel watch, is it’s great no matter how good a golfer they are, even if they’re just a higher digit once in a while type golfer, I think everyone can benefit from it. The one thing, too, and as you’ll see, watching … We’re always anxious because, this time of year, the NCAAs are going on right now, and even watching last night, it was neat to see all the guys out there shooting our product. I saw a lot of our new Pro X2s being used last night during the final round. Obviously, they’ve got the slope switch off, so it’s just in tournament legal mode, but it was neat to see that last night, as well. They use that during tournament play.

Tom Brassell:                       Jason, it’s always great to catch up with you. Final words from you at Bushnell to our listeners?

Jason Seeman: We’ve got great promos going on right now for Father’s Day at the Worldwide Golf Shops, so your Edwin Watts and Roger Dunn and Golfers’ Warehouse and Uinta. I think, take advantage of them, because it’s a great deal. I think the one thing about our products, what we always talk about it on here, is it’s a one size fits all, so you don’t have to worry about sizing, or if it’s the right shaft or whatever. I think, with our products, they’re one size fits all, and you know you’re giving the best, because, actually … You were just saying you were at the TPC. We just got our [inaudible 00:10:30] results back, and sometimes they’re hard to believe, but over 97% of the tour players marked down that they choose and use Bushnell out there. It’s a great stat for us, and sometimes it’s a little hard to believe, but we’re excited about it, again. We just conducted that survey and got the results back.

Tom Brassell: Jason Seeman, it’s always great … Thanks so much for spending time with us. We’ll talk with you again soon.

Jason Seeman:  Sounds good. Thanks a lot for having me on.

Tom Brassell: Always great catching up with Jason Seeman at Bushnell. Bushnell, the Father’s Day Gift of Choice, from Worldwide Golf Shops, for the second year in a row. Whether it’s the all new laser range finders that are available, or the new Excel watch, make sure that the gift for your father that you’re buying for is from Bushnell. If they already have a laser range finder, believe me, the smile on their face is going to be huge when they open up that watch. It’s great. It’s great to have both of those in your bag.

Special thanks, again, to Jason for joining us, and to you, our listeners. We’ll do it again next time we have another episode of GolfBetter at worldwidegolfshops.com. So long, everyone.