PING G400 Fairways, Crossovers and Hybrids

Exclusive – Podcast #244 – PING G400 Woods, Crossovers and Hybrids

The President of PING Golf, John K. Solheim, joins us for episode #244 of the Golf Better Podcast with some exciting news regarding the launch of the new PING G400 line.

In this episode, we discuss the up and coming G400 woods, crossovers and hybrids, the hotter club face that is in the G400 woods, hybrids and crossovers that launches the ball off the club face to provide tour like distances, how they can improve the average golfers game and the importance of getting fit by a professional to get the most out of your longer clubs.

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Tom Brassell: Welcome to golf better at Worldwide Golf Shops. Hello again everyone, Tom Brassell here thanks so much for joining us. It’s great to have you with us, whether this is your rookie flight or you’re a frequent flyer here on the star ship golf better, it doesn’t matter, either way we are just glad you’re with us. Joining us today in his three peat appearance with us to discuss the Ping G400 line of fairways and hybrids, is the president of PING golf, Mr John K. Solheim. John thanks so much for joining, this is great to have you with us.

John K. Solheim: Thank you it’s good to be here.

Tom Brassell: John if you would, please take a few minutes and take us behind the curtain on the development of the G400 fairways, hybrids, and crossover clubs.

John K. Solheim: Yeah, the most exciting thing about the G400 fairways and hybrids is the ball speed increase that we’ve got. So we’ve gone to a new face material, it’s a C300 steel. It just allowed us to go thinner, it’s a super strong steel, allowed us to go thinner to really increase the ball speed. In fact there right at the CT limits the USGA CT limits, so even our crossovers they feature the C300 as well. Really driver, fairway, hybrid and crossovers through all those products are right at the CT or COR limit for the USGA. What that means is you’re getting more distance, we’re seeing at least five yards gained as you go to these new clubs, on top of just the ball speed. We’ve improved all the premier weighting. The CG location on these, the ground impact on these, so we’re getting great ball flight, the right launch angle, the right spin rates. Like in the fairway, which we’ve got some clubs with the straight flight technology to prevent the slices and then we actually have like a stretch three wood, kind of for the little more advanced player, it doesn’t have as much loft on it but it’s more of an oversized head and so something if you’re looking for like that driving fairway wood, that’s a great option, is our stretch three wood, but you can also hit it off the deck as well.

We’ve even got some higher lofted fairway woods that we’ve added to the mix too. We’ve got lots of different options between the fairways and hybrids.

Tom Brassell: Yeah all the way up to nine wood right?

John K. Solheim: Yup, the nine wood, yeah. We actually get tour players to put that in play too. They use it more for different courses, if the course conditions call for it, they’ll put it in play. I’ve started to play a five wood, I love a five wood so those higher lofted fairway woods really can add a lot to your game, kind of create shots where you used to not have a shot.

Tom Brassell: You know we talk John a lot about gapping with, in regards to the wedges, you know obviously the glide wedges make sure you’ve got your gaps filled but with the progressive CG, you can literally, you’re gapping with fairway woods and hybrids, right?

John K. Solheim: Yeah you know that’s part of our whole fitting process and if people’s swing speeds change, it kind of as you go through a fitting the fitter can work with you on okay heres where you want to end your irons, lets say it’s a five iron is going to be your longest iron or a four iron. Then based on how you hit the hybrids, where do you go into the hybrids and where do you want to move over to the fairway woods or even do you want to put a crossover in there. There’s a lot of options, the best way to figure that out is just to go through a fitting, or go through some product demos and try them out for yourself and see where you’re comfortable. Do you want to play a five wood or do you want to go to a three or two hybrid. There’s lots of options out there, but really it depends on the individual golfer and what they’re more comfortable with.

Tom Brassell: Yeah you hit the nail on the head with regards to the crossover and the hybrids and being fit to find out exactly which one works for you. It may not work for everybody, and that’s one of the importance of fittings and seems like every time you and I, either at the PGA merchandise show or here on the phone talk about it, it all goes back to being custom fit.

John K. Solheim: Yeah it does. So you know we’ve got all this technology, the faces are hotter, the aerodynamics are better, the clubs are going faster, but if you don’t take the time it’s 10, 15 minutes, it’s not a ton of time to get fit for that product. You really, you’re leaving yardage on the table, you’re leaving some dispersion on the table. That’s one thing, I really want to hit, our dispersion of our product is second to none. That’s if you go in there in a demo situation, hit 10 with our clubs, 10 with a competitor, if you look at that stat area or kind of the circle of balls, our dispersion is really tight. Through the fitting process you can get that dispersion even tighter, longer and tighter so it’s a win win.

Tom Brassell: John K, many thanks again man, it’s always fun catching up with you. You’re on the heels of a trip to Japan, so I know the jet lag may have hit you, but thanks so much for taking the time.

John K. Solheim: Thank you it’s early morning I’m good. Figured I’ll make it till noon today and then I’ll crash.

Tom Brassell: Oh man, hey John thanks again. Final words for our listeners on the G400 fairways, hybrids, and crossover.

John K. Solheim: You know, like I say with all our products, just go out and try it. Go visit your local Edwin Watts store and they’ve got all the demos there, just try them and see if they work for you, if they work for you great, if they don’t try them again.

Tom Brassell: Oh, thanks so much John. Best to everybody at PING, it’s hot out in Scottsdale, keep that bottle of water with you, stay hydrated this time a year and hopefully we can catch up again soon.

John K. Solheim: Sounds great.

Tom Brassell: Again, the all new G400 fairways, hybrids, and crossover series from PING golf, as John K said, make sure to give them a try and make sure to spend a few extra minutes and get custom fit to make sure you’ve got the right G400 fairways and hybrids for your game. Special thanks to John K for joining us and to you our listeners. We’ll do it again next time we have another episode of golf better, at So long everyone.