Introducing the New Odyssey EXO Putters



Odyssey, the #1 putter in golf, is back at it again with a bit of a spin. Dubbed EXO, these putters are built with a few things in mind; make off-center hits feel and roll like dead-center strikes while giving golfers maximum forgiveness, stability, and MOI (moment of inertia).

Odyssey EXO Indianapolis S Putter
Odyssey EXO Indianapolis S Putter

In the EXO line, we see a few familiar shapes like the favorite O-Works #7 (offered in a heel shaft and slant neck) and the Odyssey Toulon Design Indianapolis, along with a traditional mallet-shape, Rossie. The spin to these putters is the precision milled wire frame incorporated into each model that allows the weight to shift to areas of the putter to significantly improve stability on off-center shots.

Each putter in the EXO series incorporates a multipiece face insert that combines the well-known michrohinge that enhances forward roll along with Odyssey’s White Hot polymer face insert material, something that we are all too familiar with the favorite White Hot putter line. The merging of the two technologies in the putter face gives the EXO line a bit of a firmer feel to offset the softness that we are now accustomed to in the new technology of the golf balls. The result is a pure sound off the clubface and the feel of a dead-center strike, even on miss-hits.

Odyssey EXO Rossie Putter
Odyssey EXO Rossie Putter

The new Odyssey EXO line is available in three different models; Odyssey EXO Seven, Odyssey EXO Indianapolis, and Odyssey EXO Rossie. Each model also adds unique alignment features, including center lines that span the top of the clubhead, center marks, and parallel ball-width double lines (double line only offered on the Rossie and Seven).

All putters in the EXO line offer face-balanced and toe-hang versions. Face balance works better for golfers who putt with limited face rotation, and toe-hang is ideal for golfers that open the putter face on the backstroke and close it through the ball.

The new Odyssey EXO Putter line is available for purchase starting May 18, 2018. EXO putter models will be available at all Worldwide Golf Shops locations for $299.99 ($319.99 for models with a Superstroke grip).

Start sinking more putts and try out the Odyssey EXO line today!