Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Get More Distance off the Tee with the Power Release

https://youtu.be/9AGSD1Te5nw A problem that some amateur golfers face with the golf swing is what is known as casting the club. When you cast the club,...

Gain More Distance with Dave Davis

One things that the average golfer wants to do is increase their distance. Incorporating exercise into your golf regime can help accomplish this. Wilson Staff...

Improve Your Iron Distance Control

https://youtu.be/CHWu0udzb0c In order to control distance on golf shots, some players choose to shorten or slow down the tempo of the golf swing. This may work...

Improve Your Putting with the “Chip Putt”

https://youtu.be/RKnwU5nl8FA A "lag putt" is a long putt which, because of its length, the golfer does not expect to make but hopes to get close...

How to Hit Into the Grain Chip Shots

Having trouble getting your shots around the green close to the hole? You’re not alone. Sometimes the lie that you have can be deceiving,...

How to Play a Shot Against a Right-To-Left Wind

https://youtu.be/s7jZ5Cq-IMQ Golf is not always played in calm conditions. Many times, knowing how to adjust to the wind is as important as selecting the right...


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