How to Create Power off the Tee


One issue that majority of amateur players have is that they aren’t maximizing their power off the tee. This is typically caused by a lack of body movement and the inability to keep the club moving properly through impact. In this Play Better Golf Segment. Cleveland/Srixon Tour Pro Will Wilcox shows us how to maximize your power off the tee with these three simple yet effective tips.

Will Wilcox: An issue I see with a lot of amateur players is that they’re not maximizing their power off the tee. Their biggest flaw is that many amateurs do not have enough body movement to keep the club moving properly through impact.

The key to maximizing your power starts with your backswing:

  1. Start by keeping your shoulder turn compact keeping the club in front of your chest. Just make sure you’re not wasting any movement at the top of your swing.
  2. When you start your downswing synchronize your chest and your arms together and maintain the same speed throughout the follow-through.
  3. As you get to your impact position try to keep your arms close to the body, which allows you to cover the ball naturally.

These three tips will help you create an efficient swing and get maximum power off the tee and now you’re on your journey to better.