Exclusive Podcast – 2017 Holiday Gift Ideas


Episode #257 of the Worldwide Golf Shops Insider Podcast is a special one. With the holidays right around the corner, we take a trip around the United States to chat with members of the Worldwide Golf Shops team about possible gift ideas for the holidays.

In this episode, we talk with members of the Worldwide Golf Shops team including representatives from Edwin Watts Golf Shops, Roger Dunn Golf Shops, The Golf Mart, Vans Golf Shops, Golfers’ Warehouse, Uinta, and the Worldwide Golf Shops E-commerce team about some fantastic holiday gifts like rangefinders, golf balls, apparel and more!

Take a listen to our podcast and get some inspiration for gift ideas this holiday season. You can do so by our Soundcloud link below or subscribe free on iTunes.

Tom Brassell: Welcome to the Worldwide Golf Shop’s Insider podcast, special holiday gift giving edition. Ho, ho, ho. Hello everyone, Tom Brassell here, thanks so much for joining us and you have picked a fantastic episode to listen in to. This is where we’re going to go around the country, literally coast to coast, spanning the country, to talk about some of the great holiday gift ideas you may or may not know about for that golfer on your list. Let’s not waste any time, let’s head south or southeast down to Boca Raton, Florida, Edwin Watts Golf, Freddie Mangum there. Freddie with 20 years of experience. Freddie, what are customers asking for, for gift ideas when they come see you?

Freddie Mangum: The funny thing about that, you know, you’re going to see so many different customers come in. Some people come in, they want fifty dollars and under, some a hundred and under, some they want to get a set of golf clubs. We definitely have everything that you could ask for but I think one of the things that separates us, being Worldwide Golf from everybody else is one, our guarantee, the 90-day deal that we have and then our service, our experience, and our expertise. If you come in to get fit for a set of irons, I’ve been doing it for 20 years. I’m not somebody who just got hired last week and trying to fit a guy for a driver that’s not sure. You can buy a driver from basically anybody at almost the same price, but you can’t get the service of what you can get at Edwin Watts.

Tom Brassell: Freddie, you mentioned the 90-day no questions asked return policy on anything purchased at Worldwide Golf Shops, any location, Edwin Watts Golf included, talk a little bit more about that and what that means to the customer.

Freddie Mangum: Well, the one thing that, if I was a customer and I walked in the door, the last thing I would want to do is spend 500 dollars on an item and not like it and come back in and say, “Hey can you help me out?” And they’d say, “No.” What we offer is not only our warranty, which I’ll get back to but we want to take you through so you have all the confidence in the world walking out the door that you’ve got the right golf club in your hand. If for some unknown reason, that you get out there and you absolutely don’t like it, bring it back in. You’ve got 100% credit towards another golf club or anything else in our shop with what you just paid for.

Tom Brassell: Freddie Mangum, Edwin Watts Golf, Boca Raton, Florida, thanks so much.

Freddie Mangum: Thank you.

Tom Brassell: Let’s keep it on the East coast, but hit North Hartford, Connecticut, Golfers’ Warehouse where Rich Majewicz joins us. Rich, what are you seeing for gift items up in the Northeast?

Rich Majewicz: Without a doubt, when it comes to this time of the year, the rangefinders are the things that we sell the most of. It’s such a popular holiday item, so we tend to sell a lot of the Garmin watches and the Bushnell rangefinders. Those are the big hot items for us up here this time of year.

Tom Brassell: And one of the good things Rich about buying a rangefinder or a GPS for someone who’s on your list, if they already have one, that doesn’t mean they can’t use the other because there’s a place for both of these type of pieces of technology in everybody’s bag, correct?

Rich Majewicz: Yeah. So certainly when it comes to the rangefinder, for somebody who wants the exact distance to the pin, somebody who maybe doesn’t want to look for yardages, just wants that distance to the pin or to a various object, that range finder’s a great device especially if they maybe practice a lot, go to the driving range to get yardages to really help them work on their distances. And then when it comes to the GPS’s usually in the watches, somebody who just wants a quick broad overview of what the distance is to the front, to the middle, to the back, not necessarily specifically to the flag but just wants something quick so that they can take a quick glance at it and then move on. So those are really the two main criteria for deciding which one to go with.

Tom Brassell: Awesome stuff. Thanks, Rich.

Rich Majewicz: Not a problem. Thank you.

Tom Brassell: Out to Utah, Uinta Golf, where Joe Judd, 18 years of experience joining us. Joe, tell us holiday gift ideas in Utah, what are you seeing flying off the shelves?

Joe Judd: I’ve got to tell you, something that we’ve been selling for the last few years, it’s called a PGA Golf Pass and it’s put on by the Utah Section PGA to help raise money for junior golf. We sell these things before January 1st for the next year. So for 2018 for 65 bucks. After January 1st, they go to 75 and you get six free rounds of golf and many buy one get one free throughout all of Utah. It’s a great value. Literally, you get your money back within like two uses and it’s something you can use throughout the year and it’s a great, great gift idea. Also, the other deal that I think’s awesome is you got the brand new Pro V1, that was just introduced a few months ago for $39.99 and those are usually $47.99. You never see those on sale and what a great golf ball. That’s a great, great value as well.

Tom Brassell: And Joe, have you met any golfer who will say no to golf balls as a gift?

Joe Judd: No. Heck no. Especially if you play with me, you’re going to lose some balls, just cause I’ll throw your game completely off.

Tom Brassell: Joe Judd, Uinta Golf, thanks so much for joining us my friend.

Joe Judd: All right. Thanks for calling. Talk to you soon.

Tom Brassell: We’ll take it a couple of states south down to Arizona. Van’s Golf Shop, where Dave Sutton with a mere 33 years, a rookie in the business. Dave, gift ideas in Arizona, what are you thinking?

Dave Sutton: Well, I actually have two ideas. First one is Chrome Soft golf balls by Callaway, especially at the sale price of $31.99. We’re just selling a ton of those. Also, Travis Mathew clothing, we do really well all during the year but especially during the holidays, it’s a great gift idea and people tend to splurge a little bit more, so we’re selling a lot of clothing.

Tom Brassell: Dave, how about custom imprinting on that Chrome Soft golf ball? Is that something that is available?

Dave Sutton: Absolutely. There’s free imprinting. There is a small shipping charge but free imprinting by Callaway, usually a couple of weeks lead time and we can get them before the holidays.

Tom Brassell: In Arizona, it’s Chrome Soft and Travis Mathew. Thanks, Dave.

Dave Sutton: All right Tom, take care.

Tom Brassell: Let’s take the plane out west to Santa Ana, California, home of Roger Dunn Golf Shops and Sean Vestal. Sean, what are you seeing out there for unique gift ideas for your customers at Roger Dunn Golf Shops?

Sean Vestal: Well, we got the brand new Titleist AVX limited edition out there. It comes in two different colors, being white and yellow for the holidays $47.99 and it’s like I said a limited. You can get it at all our local stores, but it will probably only be out there for a month or so. It’s not on the market for the full year calendar. It is limited.

Tom Brassell: Tell us more about that ball, Sean.

Sean Vestal: So, it’s a third ball. It’s an alternative, AVX standing for alternative version to Pro Vx and Pro V. It’s a test market golf ball trying to see if there is a need for a third golf ball in their line. Great results, customer feedback that are given to us. It’s been out in the market probably for a month and a half now but real good results. It’s hot off the club, the distance, but it also has a great feel and feedback off the putter and the wedges.

Tom Brassell: How about some other gift ideas in the Roger Dunn Superstore?

Sean Vestal: You know, always this time of year a great product to grab is find your local sports team. Everybody could use a new ball marker, divot tool, head cover. There’s also Bridgestone golf balls that make NFL teams, always great stocking stuffers or small little gift items to go with, gift cards are always the best for somebody that you can’t find something inside one of our great big local stores for your needs.

Tom Brassell: Sean Vestal, many thanks.

Sean Vestal: No problem, anytime, sir.

Tom Brassell: Let’s head south down the 5 towards San Diego to The Golf Mart where Russell Imamura’s joining us. Russell, what are you seeing for great gift ideas coming out of The Golf Mart?

Russell Imamura: Well, you know, one of our big things with a lot of us is accessories, add on stuff. Hydration products have always been pretty much like gaining a lot of momentum lately I’ve noticed within the last I would say six to 12 months. Anywhere you go, whether it’s the, where you’re going to the gym obviously, or you’re going to the mall, or just out with the family, you always notice people carrying some type of water bottle. The big thing with, in the health industry’s always been like, the type of plastics that they use so a lot of the manufacturers that we’re carrying now, with like Hydro Flask and Yeti and Tempercraft, the product they’ve been able to produce insulates the product or insulates the fluid 10 times longer. It even maintains the heat for those, for the fluid or whatever product you’re putting inside. I’ve noticed a lot of momentum in a lot of that product and not just focused on golfers but to the average everyday person out there running around doing their thing.

Tom Brassell: Hydration products, what a great idea. What about that lady golfer on your list? Russell, what do you recommend there?

Russell Imamura: With ladies, ladies are always, we have a huge apparel department here, so we always notice the trends in women’s apparel in the golf industry. The big thing is, I think a lot of ladies have been really focused on skin. Skin cancer’s always on the forefront. We always hear on the news so obviously protection from the sun’s a big thing, so we always put sunscreen on. It’s funny. Guys, we lather up with that white stuff and put it on our face and our arms and everything, but ladies are more self-conscious about, the rest, like their arms and full protection out there and we’ve seen a lot of the, like solar sleeves offered, solar protection products.

A lot of UV protective materials built into a lot of the apparel that we sell from Nike, Adidas, Puma, but now they have sun sleeves you can kind of add-on so if you have a short sleeve like polo or something like that. Nike produces one. Adidas does. Jamie Sadock, they produce a sun sleeve where you can just kind of add it on to your normal everyday attire. They’re basically just base colors. They’re just white and black but they do a great job. They protect your arms and everything and keep those sun spots away. Maybe we can all look a few years younger and it’s a great product out there. It is available too, also for the men too, so it’s not just the girls that are out there that we’re able to offer it to, it’s the guys too, so it’s a great thing. You can find it in any of our Worldwide Golf Shops.

Tom Brassell: Russell Imamura from the Golf Mart, San Diego. Russell, thanks, man.

Russell Imamura: No problem. Thank you for having me.

Tom Brassell: Let’s go up to our final stop. Way up into cyberspace, Trevor Cigich, Worldwide Golf Shops e-commerce team. Trevor, great holiday gift ideas, what are you seeing?

Trevor Cigich: Yeah, one of the biggest things that we’ve been seeing, especially out on the courses is everyone’s using Bluetooth speakers a lot more. You know, listen to some music out on the course. One of the products being the X18 Bluetooth speaker by Spy Optics. It’s a wireless speaker, you know, 15 hours play time, waterproof, shock resistant, comes with another, like a little carabiner at the top so you can attach it to your bag, throw it in the cup holder and has a built-in mic so you can talk hands free if you get a call as well. It’s a big trend that’s been happening now in golf. There’s a couple of other ones. You’ve got the Puma Soundchuck and the Soundchuck Mini, just really great products that you can utilize on the course.

Tom Brassell: Something else I saw in my Worldwide Golf Shop’s holiday catalog are golf balls with color. Really, really making a comeback. Share with us a little about that.

Trevor Cigich: Yeah. Absolutely. We’ve seen the Volvik Vivid, a great matte color, a soft feel, great visibility on the course too. So you hit it in those rough areas, you can actually find it. They’re coming in green, orange, pink, and red. Another great one that just came out was the Duo Soft Spin and the Optics, which is a matte finish, comes in yellow, orange, green, pink, and matte white. Great low compression golf ball, it’s very soft, very long and straight. Just truly a great golf ball for the average golfer.

Tom Brassell: Trevor Cigich, thanks so much, man.

Trevor Cigich: Yeah. Thank you, Tom. Great talking to you.

Tom Brassell: There you have it. Spanning the country, from coast to coast and up into e-commerce with all those great gift ideas. Some you may have thought of, some you might have thought of and some that you should think of. Well, special thanks to all our team members at Worldwide Golf Shops and to you, our listeners. We’ll do it again next time we have another episode of the Worldwide Golf Shops Insider podcast here at Worldwidegolfshops.com. So long, everyone.