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ALL HANDS ON DECK – A good golf glove can make a difference in the way you play the game

You can never underestimate the value of a good golf glove it plays a starring role in your connection to the golf club. A great-fitting glove can lead to a surer swing and a more comfortable round. So when it comes time to actually buy one, it’s important to know just what you’re looking for.

To start, gloves come in three main categories – synthetic, leather and specialty. “Synthetic gloves tend to be more durable than leather gloves,” said Don Rea, Store Manager at The Golf Mart in Santa Rosa, Calif. “Most beginning and highhandicap players use these gloves. They don’t have the feel of leather that the better players prefer, but they have extra reinforcement in the palm area, which makes them last longer.”

Rea said that when it comes to a great leather glove, there’s no better option than Cabretta leather. “For most lower-handicap players it’s all about feel, not durability,” Rea said. “Nothing offers that better than Cabretta leather.” And lastly, specialty gloves are designed for players who need a little more padding on their palms. “The players who use this glove are generally people who have trouble gripping the golf club,” said Rea. “The glove has padding on the palm and between the joints of the fingers, so it provides that extra support.” Here’s a look at five gloves to consider the next time you tee it up…

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Going the distance – Innovations lead to added length in Volvik’s DS-77 ball

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Volvik combined innovation, problem-solving and vision when it created the DS-77 golf ball in 2014. The DS-77 is Volvik’s extreme distance ball, but it’s not meant to just perform well off the tee. Its unique construction also provides a great feel and spin on the green.
“Dual Spin [for DS] means that there are different spins for this ball off the tee and around the greens,” said Jon Claffey, National Director of Sales and Marketing for Volvik. “It is genuinely a high-end, two-piece ball that performs like an extreme distance ball off the tee and like a three-piece ball around the greens.”
The DS-77 was designed for moderate swing-speed players who need help reducing side spin and increasing their distance, a common challenge among amateur golfers. The DS-77 effectively reduces the side spin that leads to hooks and slices, which leads to better accuracy and more length.
The ball also features a high COR for maximum ball speed, a 77 compression that reduces driver spin and a soft core that produces a great putting feel and accurate shot control.
“Everyone tells us that the DS-77 ball is an underpriced ball for how it performs,” said Claffey. “Because of the increased spin around the green, it actually plays more like a $35 ball. Because of the low driver spin, it is super straight. It’s also very durable. So there is extreme value with this ball.” The DS-77 comes in orange, yellow, pink or white for $22.99 a dozen.

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Test Flight! – 2015 Hot Shots


Put To The Test

Customers weigh in on the hottest drivers, fairway woods and hybrids!

Southern California Roger Dunn Golf Shops customers to join us for a day on the driving range testing the latest golf equipment and and recording the results. We narrowed the search to seven golfers of various abilities to test clubs from nine top manufacturers at Strawberry Farms Golf Club in Orange County, considered one of the top high-end courses in the region. In this issue we look at drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, while in our next edition we will feature top irons and wedges.

With so many options in golf equipment today, shoppers can be overwhelmed with where to even begin. The beauty of all these options is that manufacturers have found ways to accommodate nearly every skill levels on the golf course. With that in mind, we gathered a group of everyday golfers to put the most popular brands on the market to the test on the driving range. Here’s what they had to say…

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THE BASICS: Speed is the driving force behind the new Callaway XR driver. An aerodynamic crown, an R•MOTO face, and maximum shaft load have created a titanium driver that reduces drag and maximizes speed through the swing.


“Looks good. Lightweight and adjustable.” – Robert Lindsay

“Gorgeous all-black club with nice distance.” – Laura Qvistgaard

“Head shape is a bit weird, but it’s easy to swing and I like the matte finish.” – Roy Giannini

“A bit on the heavy side. Impact is different, but I really like the grip and feel of the club.” – Javier Chavez

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THE BASICS: First fairway wood with sliding weight for shot shape adjusta- bility. The most ad- justable fairway wood to date. New Front Track system performs like a speed pocket, reducing spin and increasing size of sweet spot.


“I like the adjustability and weight.” – Robert Lindsay

“Easy to control, forgives bad hits and swings fast.” – Javier Chavez

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HYBRIDS: Ping G30 


THE BASICS: To increase face deflection and ball speed for adding distance with a higher peak trajectory, the 17-4 stainless steel face uses a stronger H900 heat-treat- ment process, making it thin but strong. The result is more distance with the steeper landing angle to hold shots on the green.


“Very smooth, light and goes far.” – Roy Giannini

“One of my favorites, great feel on the swing and impact.” – Javier Chavez “Solid!” – John Brent

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Slot Machine – TaylorMade’s New Face Slot Technology

TaylorMade’s new Face Slot Technology pays off in a big way.

TaylorMade Golf didn’t become one of the world’s top-selling golf equipment designers and manufacturers by resting on its laurels and living in the past. That’s why the Carlsbad-based company has released a new line of irons, the RSi, incorporating high-tech wizardry and top-notch playability. “The new RSi 1 and RSi 2 models, along with the RSi TP that will be available on Jan. 15th,  take face technology to the next level”, according to TaylorMade sales representative Shawn McCaskey.

“The new Face Slot Technology allows golfers to hit it anywhere on the club face and they will get maximum ball speed, launch angles and forgiveness,” McCaskey said. Each model is designed for different players. The RSi 1 for mid-to-higher handicappers, the RSi 2 for mid-to low handicappers, and the TP line for the elite player. The Face Slot Technology found in the club’s heel and toe is indeed the most distinctive feature of all three clubs; it builds on the speed pocket, or slots, that were inserted onto the soles of TaylorMade’s irons two years ago. This improved the ball speed on shots struck low on the face. The face slot provides a similar benefit, increased ball speeds on heel and toe hits. Ball speed, of course, translates into more distance. “No matter what model you play, in my opinion these are the most forgiving, longest and straightest clubs on the market,” McCaskey said.

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Vapor Family

Nike’s new line of Vapor irons get a big boost with input from Tiger and Rory

Few major golf manufacturers had such an interesting route to prominence than Nike Golf. For 30 years, Nike was known for one thing: it made shoes, focusing heavily on high performance athletic footwear. It began producing golf shoes in 1986, but didn’t leap into the golf equipment market until 2000, helped in no small part by signing Tiger Woods to an exclusive deal. Since that time, the company’s balls and clubs have helped it become a major player in the golf industry and its latest line of Vapor irons is the most recent example of the company’s dedication to high performance and technological innovation. With blessings from both Woods and the world’s current No. 1 player, Rory Mcilroy, the Vapor iron’s replace Nike’s Covert line. Lighter in weight, with a center of gravity moved to the center of the club face, Vapor has a much thinner face than its predecessor, resulting in Nike’s most precise, longest and most forgiving iron to date.

“The lightweight design helps golfers generate more club speed, the ultra-thin, ultra-fast face creates faster ball speeds, and moving the center of gravity to the center of the face makes the club more stable,” said Rowdy Bank, General Manager of The Golf Mart in San Diego. The three models — Vapor Speed, Vapor Pro Combo, and Vapor Pro are each built for golfers at different stages of their game. Both McIlroy and Woods had input in the design process, but it was the research and development team at Nike Golf that figured how to implement the ideas. “My favorite feature of these clubs is the Vapor’s clean aesthetics, which is a departure from the Covert line,” Bank said. “They feel great, as well.”


Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to tout Nike’s new Vapor irons and that’s when the fun began.