The 10th at Riviera – Perfect Matchbook Material

Back in the 80’s, matchbook covers were used as marketing tools.  Golf courses were big on this, and matchbooks from famous clubs became collectors’ gems, similar to logo balls and bag tags.

I’ll always remember one from Aurora Hills Golf Club in Colorado I saw around 1984.  It described the 10th hole there, the course’s signature hole.  I guess you know you’re in for something when the signature hole is the 10th.  Not the par 3 17th.  Not the closing 18th.  But, the 10th.

This gem is a 545 yard par 5, it looks like one that you’d play backwards, from green to tee, for it to make sense.  For starters, you run out of fairway at about 180 off the tee before the hole takes a 90 degree turn to the right.  A lake looms short and to the right if you try to cut the corner and white stakes are through the fairway if you go long.  The less you decide to cut, the tighter the fairway gets (see photo), and the more you try and cut, the greater the landing area but the longer the carry.

The 10th at Aurora Hills in Aurora, CO.  This par 5 runs out of fairway at about 180 yards.  Water short, OB long.
The 10th at Aurora Hills in Aurora, CO. This par 5 runs out of fairway at about 180 yards. Water short, OB long. Tee box is lower left of photo, green is upper right.

Who would want to start a back nine like this?

Who cares?  I did!  I kept coming back to find some way to hit that green in 2!  There were plenty of courses in Denver to play but I’d wait my turn down there at dawn on Saturdays to get out there, JUST BECAUSE OF THAT HOLE!!

Fast forward (and due west) to Pacific Palisades, CA and Riviera CC’s 10th.  Only about 300 in length, it has zero water, no out of bounds and made the best players on the planet look silly at the Northern Trust Open on Saturday.  Ryan Moore lipped out a hole in one and had to WORK to make par.  Retief Goosen’s birdie put missed on the HIGH side and ran off the green, some 20 plus feet off the green and he had to struggle to make bogie.

Again, no water and no OB.  I dare you to name another hole anywhere like this one.  Even the 17th at TPC Sawgrass has H2O and colored stakes!

When that last group on Saturday came through, things were so crazy that Sergio Garcia decided to “drop in” and join the party.  Literally.  Dropped into a greenside bunker on #10 from the 13th fairway.  Only about 70 yards off line.

The hole got a bit easier on Sunday with a back pin location and Mother Nature assisting with some rain to soften the dance floor up a bit.  But, Saturday was like nothing we’ve ever seen on a 10th hole anywhere.  McCord and Feherty were having a field day on the air with it.

Rewind back to the muni-track outside of Denver known as Aurora Hills.  That matchbook cover I mentioned, a prized piece of marketing real estate back in the 80’s, could have shown a color shot of a the course, the address and phone number or, or something logical.

Instead, I remember it saying simply, “AURORA HILLS – THE 10TH HOLE IS A B!T@H”

Which made me wonder what a matchbook cover about Riviera’s 10th might have said after last Saturday.

Especially if McCord and Feherty were handling the artwork.


RSi – Tale of the Tape

 “A lot of people think that pros hit it perfect all the time but we don’t. We mis-hit shots but they still go on the green. We’ve just honed our skills to make our mis-hits a little straighter.” – Jason Day

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 2.53.43 PM

RSi is the #1 Iron in Play at the 2015 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

The RSi came out as by far and away the most played iron at this year’s Pro-Am. For the amateurs, this week is their “major” and for them to switch into a new set of irons in the biggest tournament of their golfing year is a testament to RSi’s revolutionary performance. Highlights:

  • RSi is the #1 iron family used by amateurs, with 51 sets in play
  • RSi 2 is the #1 iron model used by amateurs, with 27 in play (To put this in perspective, the #2 brand had a total of 25 sets between all of their models!)
  • 55% of amateurs this year are using a TaylorMade iron


This year, in partnership with the tournament, they debuted the TaylorMade Flight Deck. The new structure is placed around the 3rd, 4th and 17th holes allowing patrons unsurpassed views of the beautiful Pebble Beach Golf Links. From the TaylorMade Flight Deck you can watch 3 holes simultaneously, marking the only place on the golf course where you can see this much golf. They are running a giveaway on the Flight Deck all week where if any amateur playing RSi irons hits the green, we’re giving away a sleeve of Project (a) Balls to anyone standing on the Flight Deck. If an amateur should get a hole-in-one, everyone on the Flight Deck will win a set of RSi irons!

Check out the photos below and look for the Flight Deck during coverage this week.



In addition they have a special feature about their swing robot on the 17th hole at Pebble Beach showcasing how Face Slot Technology works. Look out for this on CBS.


Golf Mart Seaside NCGA​ Member Appreciation Event and DEMO Days


Golf Mart Seaside (Northern California):: NCGA​ Member Appreciation Event and Titleist/TaylorMade Demo Days!

NCGA member appreciation event: February 13th, 4pm – 6pm. Enjoy in-store discounts, giveaways, and FREE raffles!!  Sign up or renew your NCGA membership today with NCGA representatives! PGA Pro Katherine Mirren on-hand with her SAM putting camera for the FREE 5 minute analysis.

Titleist Fitting Day: February 13th, 12pm – 5pm
TaylorMade Fitting Day: February 14th, 12pm – 5pm